First dream

posted on 27 Aug 2009 05:47 by dreamwing

Welcome back to the Dreamwing's blog.  

First of all let me sorry for not had been updating the blog.  I had to left Thailand due to my high school abroad in Canada.  Right now I am in grade 11 and aiming to become  successful in the future.  My life is full of sweet and bitter moment in this past few years, however compare to me, there are many people out there who is suffering more than myself.  I believe that I will someday be able to grasp my own dream within my hand.  This first entry will be my first attempt to regain and redeem my uncertain dream. This blog will be about many things, my life, my silliness, my hobbies, my dream, my friendship, or even my love.  I will try my best to convey myself through each sentence and each entry that I write...

Please root and support, and I will do my best in order to fulfill that promise...